Münster Tourist Board

by Andrew TradeWeb

Mick and the guys have been busy getting some more Stag restorations finished for Spring collection.  There has been a gorgeous ‘Flash’ Red Stag (see pic) that we have restored, destined for Sheffield, and an early Mallard Green Stag destined for Bedfordshire. 

I mentioned a couple of months ago about a Triumph White Stag that we were getting ready for emigration to Münster in Germany.  The new owners collected it from us just before Easter and had a short, wet, tour to North Wales before bringing it back to us for its 500 mile head torque down and final check over.   We have heard that it made the journey home and they are now having to go through what sounds like a very strict Historical vehicle check that are the regulations for importing a classic to Germany.  Apparently no upgrades are permitted.  For this day and age it’s hard to find a Stag that hasn’t had any mods.  How far do you go?  Interesting information (courtesy of Wikipedia) that Münster transport consists of more bikes than vehicles on the road.  The statistics show that Vehicle traffic (36.4%) bikes used in traffic (37.6%).  What I’d really like to know is – what kind of traffic is the other 28%?   

We’ve had manual gearbox overhauls in a stacking system waiting for a new batch of RHP bearings to come in, as we won’t use the cheaper, unmarked bearings in the workshop.  With RHP we can be assured of quality manufacture.   Years ago we found with the imported bearings that the front input shaft bearing fails after about 3000 miles and you get an annoying, grumbly, chatty noise whilst the engine and gearbox are idling and quite often a constant whine whilst the engine is driving.   Whilst in human terms we can put up with these ‘qualities’, but it’s certainly something you shouldn’t tolerate with your gearbox.  And due to amount of effort involved in overhauling a gearbox, it works out more cost effective to fit RHP bearings than to do the same job twice in  5 years.

Having accumulated 30 years of Triumph Stag bits it’s time to sort out what we have.  To this end we have installed another storage container.  We are currently racking it out trying to make some sense of the volume of stuff we have.  With a bit of luck we’ll have this done for next month and we can start to sell some of the items we have on our website.  Which by the way, is going to have a tiny revamp soon as I think it would be all the better for a bit of tweaking.