More Engine rebuilds, and a little bit of Gloria...

by Andrew TradeWeb

In the workshop Mick has been continuing with the welding to the Stag from Scotland.  The passenger side is now welded up, with the welding left to do on replacing the front inner wheel arch and also the replacement of both front wings.   It is then in the queue for the paint booth.

John tackling yet another engine rebuild

There is still no sign of a let up in engine rebuilds (sorry John, you still can’t quite fully retire yet). Here you can see John starting the refit of an engine bay following the complete overhaul of this engine.  It is at this point that many customers like to choose some upgrades.  This customer has chosen to have one of our aluminium header tanks with silicone hoses, a high output alternator with relocating bracket/loom and also an electric water pump kit.   Hopefully if the mercury rises to ‘sizzle’ this summer these will to prove to be the perfect additions for trouble free, top down staggering.  I know I’ve banged on about these upgrades before, but for those that weren’t privy to my lyrical waxing, here they are for you delectation.

high output alternator with relocating bracket/loom

Electric Water pump kit

Another 1930’s Triumph Gloria has appeared in the workshop.  A lot less shabby, but no less chic, than Mick’s beloved Gloria.  And it’s a very busy little Gloria too, always up to something, and so we have squeezed it in for some small welding repairs to the wings and running boards post Stoneleigh Show and prior to Practical Classics Restoration show.

Mick and Gloria

Finally, we would like to welcome the newest member of the team, Julia.  Julia will be working in the office and we look forward warning her, I mean teaching her, about the world of the Triumph Stag.

And finally, finally, just in – new batch of Stainless Steel Bumper Kits.  Go on, you know you want a set! 

Stainless steel bumpers