35 Years!

by Andrew TradeWeb

I know, so fresh faced and perky are we that you’d never in your wildest dreams have believed for one second that we had turned fabulous 35!

We’re really looking forward to our 35th year, with many plans afoot for new parts, a little cosmetic nip and tuck in the form of a tweak to our branding and website (don’t worry, you’ll still recognize us as all our vital bits and pieces will still be in the same place), and hopefully the recruitment of additional staff to assist us with our ever increasing workload – more of which later.

How time has flown since Mick left technical college at the tender age of 18 to join with his father John in creating E.J. Ward Motor Engineers.  The company has seen many changes over the years – four different locations, a dozen or so mechanics and apprentices, the retirement of one partner and the appointment of another, the new age of the internet and mobile phone, the development of new and upgraded parts for the Triumph Stag, and many more, too numerous to mention.  But one thing has never changed.  We still really enjoy what we do and the Triumph Stag continues to attract the same, if not more, attention than it ever did. 


I won’t say here’s to another 35 years as that’s a heck of a long time (although I’ve done the Math and it’s not entirely impossible, but more likely improbable under its current line-up), but I will say that we look forward to serving the Stag owners of the world for many years to come.

It’s full steam ahead as the start of 2016 sees us continue with plenty of restorations (see photo of Topaz Stag which was painted at the beginning of the year following its full body restoration), completing and also starting on painting jobs, and bodywork.  We also have a plethora of engine rebuilds and an assortment of mechanical work too, including the return of the Rally Stag. 



The Rally Stag is here primarily for the replacement of that pesky diff.  It is to be fitted with one of our New Crown Wheel and Pinion units.  The next trip for #RallyStag is a less onerous one, as they take it on the Three-Castles Welsh Classic Trial - 1st to 4th June.   With trials over three days covering about 500 miles.  Each day starts from the beautiful seaside town of Llandudno.  It looks like a most civilised way to enjoy your Stag.

On the Spare Parts front we are pleased to have secured a great deal from our supplier and can now offer aluminium radiators at the same high quality but for a vastly reduced priced of £360 plus VAT.  That’s a whopping £70 cheaper than previously.  So there’s never been a better time for that upgrade!