Aluminium Radiator (Complete with Thermal Fan Switch)

£385.00 (£462.00 inc VAT)

An E J Ward Aluminium Radiator not only

looks gorgeous it performs incredibly well too: 

  • Hand crafted in the UK
  • Cooling system is more responsive to ram air effect
  • Water temperature decreases quickly after a hot engine switch off due to thermo syphon effect
  • Lighter weight – the original at 10.4kg v. Aluminium Radiator at 5.2 KG
  • A 22mm boss and temperature control switch. The switch can be used either as a blanking plug or wired up to an existing or new electric fan
  • Removing the heat more quickly means that the risk of engine or cooling component damage is greatly reduced
  • Robust construction of mounting points


Here’s what some of our customers have told us:

  • “Quicker warm up time”
  • “The temperature gauge seems to return to normal quicker after I’ve had a fast drive, and then had to come to a quick stop, now I have the Ali Rad fitted”
  • “One less thing to worry about!”