Lumenition Optronic Standard Ignition PMA50 Power Module c/w Fitting Kit

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A note on coils for a vehicle fitted with the Lumenition Ignition Kit:-

The Lumenition Ignition Kit has a 12V ignition supply, which negates the need for a cold start boost, ie, in theory there is no need for a ballast bypass from the starter motor.  Therefore...

  • Mk 1 Cars fitted with the the ceramic external ballast resistor - you can do away with the external ballast resistor and use a 12V Non Ballasted Coil, fed directly from the old ballast resistor supply wire
  • Mk 1 Cars - If you wish to continue to use the ceramic ballast resistor you will need a 12V Ballasted Coil
  • Mk2 Cars - You can use the original white wire with pink trace, and you will need a 12V Ballasted Coil